Hachai Publishing New Book

Fall Release of Exciting New Book from Hachai

Illustrationrep.com is honored to have created the imagery for the soon-to-be -released book from Hachai Publishing out of Brooklyn, NY. It’s an exciting adventure in the days of ancient Jerusalem when the Greeks ruled the land. Twelve images were created depicting the struggles and bravery of a Jewish culture and several children.

Gobs of new images have arrived!

Left Side 1 adjusted

Sample of Left and Right Side

Ogelby Swans

Variety is the trademark of artist Michael McFarland

There are many new images added to the web site recently. As always, they show the remarkable versatility of artist Michael McFarland, who sees the role of an artist as an explorer. Variety is the key to his success as he firmly believes that variety keeps him fresh, artistically. Enjoy viewing his work with its great variety at http://mcfarlandillustration.com. —  today!

Variety Is Good

Snail and B Friends Kind Words

CM Full Image sm 2018

President Closeup

Variety means the artist thinks!

We tend to believe that if a person does one thing, well, they MUST be good at it, right? If they do more than one thing, well, they’re ok at this and that, but…they’re not an expert, right?

Wisdom is derived from experiences. It’s simple, really–the more experiences, well, the more wisdom. That’s how I see it, at least.

The point? Celebrate when you find an artist who can do more than one style. It means they can bend–bending is good. See lots of bending and more at http://mcfarlandillustration.com — today!

New Studio Division for 2019!

MMA Logo 2

MichaelMcFarlandArt.com Is Soon To Be Here!

A new style to hit the market in a few short weeks is coming from Michael McFarland’s studio. Called MichaelMcFarland Art.com, it specifically targets advertising with a quick wit and quick pen. Bright splashes of watercolor and a minimalist pen with a attractive scratch technique conveys today’s latest pop culture to the social media and print audiences wanting fast styles for their fast-paced worlds. Editorial content and thought-provoking themes ensure this cutting-0edger imagery is sure to be a hit. Keep in touch with the studio for the latest release! http://mcfarlandillustration.com


What A Client Wants

Buddies Never Forgotten 16x16 300dpi

Butterfly and Snail Color

Every Client Is Different, So Every Solution Is Unique

Some clients infrequently use artwork and often like to work with one artist that can create using different styles. Michael McFarland is such an artist. “Professionally I create to please the client. Personally I create to satisfy my curiosity. I’m curious if I can create something that has never been seen before,” says Michael. Having worked for clients for more than 35 years, his broad skills and busy schedule shows it. Remember to visit http://mcfarlandillusteration.com today!