Gobs of new images have arrived!

Left Side 1 adjusted

Sample of Left and Right Side

Ogelby Swans

Variety is the trademark of artist Michael McFarland

There are many new images added to the web site recently. As always, they show the remarkable versatility of artist Michael McFarland, who sees the role of an artist as an explorer. Variety is the key to his success as he firmly believes that variety keeps him fresh, artistically. Enjoy viewing his work with its great variety at http://mcfarlandillustration.com. —  today!

New Book Illustrations Coming!

Jo Stepping Onto Drone

The novel entitled, The Dawn of Superintelligence, to be released Spring, 2020 has images created by Michael McFarland. Future city images will be created for the suspense thriller. Be sure to keep an eye out for the new work coming next Spring, 2020!