While Create a Mural?

A communication tool.

Whether residential or commercial, few items communicate better than a mural–and they do it 24-7. Visuals of size are both striking and great at telling a story. From using just images to a mixture of type, graphics and art, a mural is often one of the most affordable marketing tools for companies today, and a great show-stopper for the home.

Vinyl rather than paint.

As both an artist and marketer, I prefer vinyl mural to someone painting on my wall. For one, there is no scheduling of the artist to the site, so interruptions are minimal. Two, with Michael McFarland Studio of Fine Art, you can view the image in both B&W and color via a laptop before it is applied. This avoids surprises with  just how the final will look. Further, the artist doesn’t feel ‘rushed’. A rushed artist may not examine the work as closely as if it were made in the studio. The pressure to ‘move along’ so the interruption of having an artist finish up is not there with the vinyl printed mural, and a tighter image is more certain the result. The power of Adobe Photoshop may be used when creating murals to print as wallpaper onto vinyl. When printed out, the printing company often will be the installer as well. Often, installations may take merely a few hours and the results using Michael McFarland Studio of Fine Art are always stunning.

View the latest work here at WordPress or at the website at http://mcfarlandstudio.com You’ll be glad you did! Find out just how easy it is to commission with our studio. Email us today at studiomail@mcfarlandstudio.com

Michael McFarland Studio of Fine Art  The Fusion of Art and Life


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