Successful Art Festivals.

Four festivals show studio capabilities last fall.

Michael McFarland Studio of Fine Art displayed professional work at four  northeastern Ohio art festivals operated by Avante Garde shows.

Fiarlawn Art Festival

Fairlawn, Ohio Avante Garde Craft Show

Prints and magnets.

Displayed refrigerator magnets were a hit at all shows. The studio was the only vendor with similar wares. More than 200 styles of magnets were available for purchase for just a few dollars.

Commission work was described to all.

The studio specializes in commissioned artwork, both residential and corporate. All are welcome to visit the web site located here at which mirrors the web site at

Smartphone convenience–right here!

Speed is a primary attraction of smartphone and no site is faster than  Just one hitch: The work is so attractive, you’ll find it difficult to ‘fly’ through this site!

Email today at and acquire that long-sought image for either your corporate or residential environment–today! — Our official headquarters on the web.

With more than 35 years of providing professional, quality artwork, Michael McFarland Studio of Fine Art…The fusion of art and life.



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