Why Quality is Rare.

Because it’s difficult.

In my experience, pursuing quality in the visual fields of advertising and fine art as I have, it takes twice the time to make excellence as it does to make good. Obviously, both are in the eye of the beholder, but it can be measured to a fairly tight unit of measurement–I’m talking about visuals, not mechanical technology.

Aboukir Bay 1 72 titled

Beauty crosses cultures.

Certainly, there are cultural norms to beauty, but interestingly, aside from some fashions, such as plates in lips and such, beauty has a universal agreement. In regards to the human body, beauty is associated with health. Symmetry, weight, balance and such are measureable and can imply exterior beauty through their qualities in a person.

Aboukir Bay 2 72 titled

Like people, fine art has an acceptable range of beauty. Much is related to our history. Art reflects our culture and viewing art of a time period is quite reflective of what went in the culture beyond art. For example, our fast-paced world has fast-paced art. The experimental sixties has experimental art, type fonts, fashion, buildings and their materials…

Aboukir Bay 3 72 titled

As for art, when creating, I know I must be aware of these cultural aspects of any time period. When I paint American civil war imagery, I’m inclined to mute the colors, give some sepia and such. The sky was as blue back then as it is today, but adding these aspects helps the viewer ‘today’ relate to the image as being ‘old’.

Aboukir Bay 4 72 titled

The examples in this article were commissioned by Jack Bogle, the founder of The Vanguard Group of Mutual Funds. He contacted me and we met four times at their headquarters at Valley Forge, PA. He started the company in 1975 and mentioned he named the company after the H.M.S. Vanguard–the flagship in the British fleet in the Battle of Aboukir Bay, sometimes referred to as The Battle of the Nile. It’s nowhere near the Nile, but I suppose the British would have some idea as to where it was by using the latter term of the battle, rather than Aboukir Bay. The bay is just outside of Alexandria.

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