One Huge Mural!

Northern Pittsburgh VAMC, Pittsburgh, PA

More than six months of work went into the new 100ft mural at the Pittsburgh VAMC that was recently installed this past September. Attached are a few pictures that show completed installation.

The client wanted all five branches of the armed forces represented. On the left would be medals that honor service and the right would show action and individuals.

I painted acrylic on canvas each image of service people separate then worked them together in Adobe Photoshop. The images when complete were sent via flash drive to the printer. The right side was approximately 60 feet and the digital file came to over 15gb, while the left side came to 13gb.

Just to call up the image on the computer at the printer took near 1.25 hours. It was the same time to pull on screen at my studio. Saving was nearly the same time. Patience was a virtue, indeed! is our web site. Check it out! You’ll enjoy the imagery and easy steps that are involved in making your interest in murals a reality. Quality and value are our trademark at Michael McFarland Studio of Fine Art.

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