While Create a Mural?

A communication tool.

Whether residential or commercial, few items communicate better than a mural–and they do it 24-7. Visuals of size are both striking and great at telling a story. From using just images to a mixture of type, graphics and art, a mural is often one of the most affordable marketing tools for companies today, and a great show-stopper for the home.

Vinyl rather than paint.

As both an artist and marketer, I prefer vinyl mural to someone painting on my wall. For one, there is no scheduling of the artist to the site, so interruptions are minimal. Two, with Michael McFarland Studio of Fine Art, you can view the image in both B&W and color via a laptop before it is applied. This avoids surprises with  just how the final will look. Further, the artist doesn’t feel ‘rushed’. A rushed artist may not examine the work as closely as if it were made in the studio. The pressure to ‘move along’ so the interruption of having an artist finish up is not there with the vinyl printed mural, and a tighter image is more certain the result. The power of Adobe Photoshop may be used when creating murals to print as wallpaper onto vinyl. When printed out, the printing company often will be the installer as well. Often, installations may take merely a few hours and the results using Michael McFarland Studio of Fine Art are always stunning.

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Does Your Place Need a Facelift?

Your house and business do, if your an average person.

We don’t think of a house or corporation as needing a facelift–yet most places do. Why? How old, on average, are the images hanging about where you live and work?

That old!

Cozumel Park 72
Cozumel Park, pastel on paper, by Michael McFarland

It’s the New Year. Your place is craving for a change. Give it.

At http://mcfarlandstudio.com that’s precisely what we specialize in–facelifts for your environment. Check us out, you’ll like it a bunch. This site at WordPress mirrors the website and is designed to be shockingly fast to fly through–just what you want when viewing from a smartphone. There is no site on the internet today as fast as this site. Though it’s fast, you’ll want to cruise through it to absorb the great images that abound. Enjoy!

Michael McFarland Studio of Fine Art   The Fusion of Art and Life.

Successful Art Festivals.

Four festivals show studio capabilities last fall.

Michael McFarland Studio of Fine Art displayed professional work at four  northeastern Ohio art festivals operated by Avante Garde shows.

Fiarlawn Art Festival

Fairlawn, Ohio Avante Garde Craft Show

Prints and magnets.

Displayed refrigerator magnets were a hit at all shows. The studio was the only vendor with similar wares. More than 200 styles of magnets were available for purchase for just a few dollars.

Commission work was described to all.

The studio specializes in commissioned artwork, both residential and corporate. All are welcome to visit the web site located here at https://mcfarlandillustration.wordpress.com which mirrors the web site at http://mcfarlandstudio.com

Smartphone convenience–right here!

Speed is a primary attraction of smartphone and no site is faster than https://mcfarlandillustration.wordpress.com  Just one hitch: The work is so attractive, you’ll find it difficult to ‘fly’ through this site!

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Why Quality is Rare.

Because it’s difficult.

In my experience, pursuing quality in the visual fields of advertising and fine art as I have, it takes twice the time to make excellence as it does to make good. Obviously, both are in the eye of the beholder, but it can be measured to a fairly tight unit of measurement–I’m talking about visuals, not mechanical technology.

Aboukir Bay 1 72 titled

Beauty crosses cultures.

Certainly, there are cultural norms to beauty, but interestingly, aside from some fashions, such as plates in lips and such, beauty has a universal agreement. In regards to the human body, beauty is associated with health. Symmetry, weight, balance and such are measureable and can imply exterior beauty through their qualities in a person.

Aboukir Bay 2 72 titled

Like people, fine art has an acceptable range of beauty. Much is related to our history. Art reflects our culture and viewing art of a time period is quite reflective of what went in the culture beyond art. For example, our fast-paced world has fast-paced art. The experimental sixties has experimental art, type fonts, fashion, buildings and their materials…

Aboukir Bay 3 72 titled

As for art, when creating, I know I must be aware of these cultural aspects of any time period. When I paint American civil war imagery, I’m inclined to mute the colors, give some sepia and such. The sky was as blue back then as it is today, but adding these aspects helps the viewer ‘today’ relate to the image as being ‘old’.

Aboukir Bay 4 72 titled

The examples in this article were commissioned by Jack Bogle, the founder of The Vanguard Group of Mutual Funds. He contacted me and we met four times at their headquarters at Valley Forge, PA. He started the company in 1975 and mentioned he named the company after the H.M.S. Vanguard–the flagship in the British fleet in the Battle of Aboukir Bay, sometimes referred to as The Battle of the Nile. It’s nowhere near the Nile, but I suppose the British would have some idea as to where it was by using the latter term of the battle, rather than Aboukir Bay. The bay is just outside of Alexandria.

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One Huge Mural!

Northern Pittsburgh VAMC, Pittsburgh, PA

More than six months of work went into the new 100ft mural at the Pittsburgh VAMC that was recently installed this past September. Attached are a few pictures that show completed installation.

The client wanted all five branches of the armed forces represented. On the left would be medals that honor service and the right would show action and individuals.

I painted acrylic on canvas each image of service people separate then worked them together in Adobe Photoshop. The images when complete were sent via flash drive to the printer. The right side was approximately 60 feet and the digital file came to over 15gb, while the left side came to 13gb.

Just to call up the image on the computer at the printer took near 1.25 hours. It was the same time to pull on screen at my studio. Saving was nearly the same time. Patience was a virtue, indeed!

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We’re Meeting Your Wishes.

Today, It’s All About Speed.

Websites are great for laptop, but page clicks and scrolling are so 1900s!

This blog both brings you the latest in the studio and is totally smartphone-friendly. We hope you find the site, which is a mirror of the website in the ‘About’ front page, a pleasant and easy site to navigate with either your smartphone or laptop.

As always, Michael McFarland Studio of Fine Art is here for you!

America the Beautiful

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